CALL TO ACTION: Special Education Legislation

Several bills are coming up for hearing this Monday, February 16th in Olympia–the three listed below are all up for hearings at 1:30 p.m. You can go to Olympia to testify or use the online commenting as online comments are now included in the hearings. Each bill below is linked with more information and from there you should be able to comment online.

HB 1947-Expanding Learning Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

(Thanks to Sarah Butcher at Bellevue Special Needs PTA for the notice on HB 1947)

HB 1947 – Establishing a comprehensive plan to expand learning opportunities and improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities or special needs using multiple strategies and statewide partnerships. (this is the Special Education Commission Bill) isscheduled for a hearing.  The details for the hearing are as follows:
Education* – 2/16/2015 1:30 p.m.
House Full Committee
House Hearing Rm A
John L. O’Brien Building
Olympia, WA
Support for legislation is always critical and one way to support legislation is through conversation with legislators in your area in addition to those on the relevant committees, and also to testify during public hearings on legislation as it comes up. The testimony can provide support and/or recommended changes and/or concerns as it moves through the process. The opportunity to testify can be by writing a letter or coming to Olympia to testify during public hearings. You can find some information about testifying at the following link.
There is a Senate version of the Special Education Commission Bill,  SB 5946 that should be heard at some point next week.

SB 5850- Concerning Restraint or Isolation of Students in Public Schools

(thanks to Arzu Forough of Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy for the notice on SB 5850)

SB 5850 – Concerning restraint or isolation of students will be heard in Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee on Monday Feb 16th at 1:30 pm.  Statewide parent testimony is needed. If your child or another student you know has experienced harmful seclusion and restraint, please consider attending this hearing to support SB5850. If you can’t be there, you can send your written testimony to the committee by the morning of Feb. 16th.

Below are members of the Senate Early Learning & K-12  Committee that you need to call and write to. It’s especially helpful for them to hear from their own constituents. If you live in their districts, please consider attending in person, calling and writing.

If you’re looking for what to say, consider:

“Hello, my name is (____________). I’m your constituent and am a parent of a child with autism.  Regulating seclusion and restraints of students is very important to me and my family.  This issue is also a priority for Washington State PTA. I am asking you to please consider supporting this bill. Thank you very much.”

Please be polite, ask the legislative aide to let you know after your senator  has agreed to support. If the person on the phone asks questions you don’t have an answer to, please refer them to Ben Buccholz (509) 303-9585 or Arzu Forough (425)590-7231.

If you’re not sure which district you live in, click here to look up your legislative district.

HB 1941 Providing for a Simple Majority for School Bonds

We shared information here on our previous legislative post but want to remind you this hearing is also taking place this Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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