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Highline Special Needs 
Parent Teacher Association

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 
~ Dr. Seuss

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General Information Flyer

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The Vision Statement of the Highline Special Needs Parent-Teacher Association is to build a community with E.A.R.S.:

     to educate

     to advocate

     to be a resource

     and to provide support

for students, educators, parents and the community.

*adopted by the board of HSNPTA on April 4, 2013

Our Vision for Special Education
 by Dr. Susan Enfield and Deborah Holcomb
Highline Public Schools

Our vision for students with special needs is to provide optimal learning opportunities so that each and every student in our district can reach their full potential.  Focusing on individual student needs while using teaching strategies that provide a trajectory for all students to access the new CCSS, Common Core State Standards, is our optimal goal.  We are committed to assisting students in developing self-advocacy skills, expanding opportunities for inclusion, and providing high quality curriculum and differentiated instruction attuned to the strengths and needs of each student that will increase the opportunities for success in high school and beyond.

Our partnership with you, our parent advocates, is critical to our success.  Working with you to support all of our students in Highline is off to a great start.  Your voice will be critical as we conduct a district wide audit through the Special Education Urban Collaborative.  The Urban Collaborative is a network of special education and general education leaders from across the United States working together to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.   In order to complete their evaluation, the Urban Collaborative will gather information from key stakeholders across the district.  The Urban Collaboration evaluation will include a review of a wide range of data from our district, making site visits to several of our schools, and soliciting input from multiple focus groups during their visit in our district.

The focus groups will include special education and general education teachers, other special education service providers, administrators at all levels in our district, students and parents.  One evening will be dedicated to a focus group for you to attend and share your hopes and dreams for your students, and ways that we can improve the work we are currently doing.   Special education data such as the percentage of time special education students spend in general education settings, discipline and suspensions, and eligibility information across our district will be reviewed.  District achievement data for both special education and general education students will also be reviewed, with a final report submitted to the district in May.   Once the district has reviewed the report, we will be sharing the results with you and seeking input on how to move forward with their recommendations.  We can’t accomplish our vision without you!  Thank you for your advocacy and partnership!

*written for the January 2014 Highline Special Needs PTA Newsletter

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